Dear lovelies,

My name is Aisha and I have created this space to share with YOU, my family, and friends, about my and my husband’s journey moving from New England, USA to England, UK.

Here I share our struggles and triumphs as we adjust to a different culture, make the transition in our new roles as a married couple, and how I continue to learn how to love myself WITHOUT a title, WITHOUT a position. Throughout this transition, we took the opportunity to travel to other countries close by.  With a grateful heart, I share the lessons and perspectives I gained from each trip.

The purpose of my blog is to INSPIRE you, to help you believe that your dreams can come true too, and lastly to give you advice on what to do once your dream actually becomes a reality. As you get to know me better throughout this space, you will begin to realize that my life wasn’t always what my husband likes to call it, “rainbows and unicorns.” I have experienced a lot of valleys and very few mountains. However, I just did “the work” and learned how to redesign my life as if you would rearrange a room in your home.

YOU just have to be open and willing, to be brave enough to dream big! Thank you for visiting this space and cheers to beginning an adventure of finding your authentic self!

With love,


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